General UVYP Questions

The Upper Valley Young Professionals (UVYP) is a free group that seeks to help young people in the Upper Valley region of NH & VT make social and professional connections and get more involved in the UV community.

UVYP offers free and low-cost social events, professional development opportunities, volunteer events, and resources to help local young people explore the area, find jobs, make friends, and develop a strong sense of community.

Anyone who is 20-40 years old (near-peers are welcome) and lives and/or works in the Upper Valley region of New Hampshire and Vermont or surrounding areas is eligible to join UVYP. We strive to be an inclusive community where everyone feels welcome.

It is free to join UVYP! To be a member, you just have to meet the criteria above and you have to do something to opt in to community (come to an event, join Discord, etc.).

Most of our events are free or low cost. We do not charge you, but sometimes we will go to a community event where there is a ticket price and guests will be expected to purchase their own ticket. At happy hour events, we usually provide light appetizers and leave it to guests to purchase additional food and drink independently if they want. 

Our goal is to make our events as inclusive and affordable as possible. We are in the process of establishing a financial aid fund for members who are unable to attend our events due to cost. More information is coming soon!

Yes! Visit the Join UVYP page for more information. Get a head start on learning about the area!

P.S. If you’re looking for housing, we have some sites listed in the Resources tab of our Insider’s Guide to the Upper Valley. We recommend looking at the guide on a computer instead of a mobile device.

UVYP is run by a Steering Committee made up of 7 volunteers: UVYP Chair, Community Development Chair, Events Chair, Marketing and Communications Chair, Operations Chair, Professional Development Chair, and Special Projects Chair. See who is on the Steering Committee.

UVYP is part of the Upper Valley Business Alliance (UVBA) which provides funding and support.

Any young professional in the UV region can join a UVYP subcommittee as long as there are open seats on the committee. In that role, you would help plan social events, organize professional development opportunities, manage UVYP social media, and help with special projects. After you’ve served on a subcommittee for at least 6 months, you are eligible to join the Steering Committee in a vacant role.

Learn more about open positions & apply!

Event Questions

Connect with us on social media, on discord, or join our email list to be the first to know when new events are announced. Visit the Join UVYP page for links and more information.

Visit the Events page to see the list of our upcoming events.

We offer a variety of events including social events, professional development events, volunteer events, clubs, workshops, and more. Each type of event is a little different. Learn more about the types of events we offer here.

Our most common event type is social events. We offer about 3-5 of those per month. They are just for fun! They’re meant as a casual way to get out into the community and meet new people.

See photos of past events to get a sense of the vibe.

UVYP does not charge to attend our events. 

Sometimes, if we go to a community event where there is a ticket price or a rental fee (like a ball game, a national park, renting ice skates at a rink, etc.), then guests will have to pay the entrance/rental cost themselves. Similarly, it is free to attend our happy hours and we usually provide some light appetizers. If guests want additional food and drink, they will have to buy it themselves.

We try to plan events that are free or low-cost. We have a financial aid fund to cover event costs (for UVYP sponsored events only) for guests who need it. Learn more about the fund and apply here. 

We do not charge for UVYP events, but sometimes we go to a community event where there is a ticket price (theater, sporting events, festivals, etc.) or we organize a happy hour where people buy their own food and drinks. 

We know that money can keep people from attending these events. As of 2023, we launched a financial aid fund to cover ticket prices and food/drink at UVYP sponsored events for people who need it. 

Learn more about the fund and apply here

Your privacy is important to us. We will never share the information you submit on the form with anyone. If your request is approved, we will discretely take care of your approved expenses during the event.

Feel free to email us at with questions.

Please register on Eventbrite for every event that you would like to attend. That way, you will receive an email if we need to reschedule or cancel the event.

We typically make the decision about weather event changes the morning of the event. We usually post on Discord, Instagram, and Facebook about rain changes too.

Thank you for taking the time to register and cancel your registration. This helps us get a headcount for event planning purposes.

If you are no longer able to attend an event that you signed up for, follow these quick steps to cancel your Eventbrite registration.

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