‘Upper Valley Young Professionals: “More people should know about this”

by Matt Golec, Daybreak, 6/29/23

“People moving to the area, the first thing that happens to them is that they’re lost, because it’s a small town and they don’t get to meet enough people,” said Vijay Prithiv, 30, who came to the Upper Valley from Boston. “This is one hurdle that I faced. When I moved into Lebanon, for nearly one year, I didn’t know anybody.”

Fortunately, Prithiv found the UVYP group. Since then, the Ansys software developer has attended about 20 events, served as treasurer for the organization, and made new friends.

At Tip Top Pottery, Prithiv hoped to finally complete a square-mouthed vase that had been delayed by the pandemic. In addition to arts and crafts, Prithiv enjoys “anything outdoors,” such as the hikes and farm tours organized by UVYP.

“More people should know about this,” he said, calling his time with the group “really, really valuable.”

By Patrick Adrian, Valley News, 9/4/2022

[UVYP] hosts two to three social events per month and has a channel on the social media platform Discord, where new residents may introduce themselves and talk to other Upper Valley professionals.

Emerson Gale, 31, a music educator from Strafford, is chairman of the Young Professionals steering committee.

Gale, who has lived in the Upper Valley for over 20 years, says the region provides a “best of both worlds,” combining the spaciousness of a rural setting, plus an access to nature and outdoor recreation, with a vibrant community culture.

by Rob Gurwitt, Daybreak, 12/13/22

So did Leb’s Rachael Thomeer when she moved here about a year ago to take a job at The Dartmouth Institute. But she had trouble finding anything comprehensive—so she built it. Thomeer is now events chair for Upper Valley Young Professionals, on whose website “The Insider’s Guide to the Upper Valley” lives, but it’s a handy resource for anyone. The crowdsourced guide (yes, it’s still growing) lists everything from arts venues to nearby hikes and places to visit to resources for finding stuff for sale, with brief descriptions.