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UVYP offers free and low-cost social, professional development, and volunteer events to help local young people explore the area, find jobs, make friends, and develop a strong sense of community.

Our events are open to any young person (~20-40 years old) who lives and/or works in the upper valley region of NH & VT. Near-peers are welcome too.

We strive to offer a variety of events that are physically and financially inclusive. People of all abilities and identities are always welcome in the UVYP community. If you ever have questions or feedback about event accessibility, please contact us.

Questions? Feedback? Event ideas? Contact us at uppervalleyyoungprofessionals@gmail.com.

Types of UVYP Events

We are constantly working to grow and improve our programming. In addition to the list of common event types below, we may offer some unique special events too. Visit the Events page to stay up-to-date about upcoming events.

Social Events

The Events Chair & Committee organize 3-5 social events per month. 

Past social events include: happy hours, guided stargazing nights, hikes, ice cream socials, pottery painting parties, game nights, meetups at community events, private tours of local spaces like the Lebanon Airport, and more!

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Professional Development Events

The Professional Development Chair & Committee organize at least 8 professional development and networking events per year.

Past professional development events include: networking events, a workshop on advocating for yourself, a workshop on setting meaningful intentions to achieve your goals, and more!

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Volunteer Events

The Special Projects Chair organizes at least 1-2 volunteer events per quarter.

Past volunteer events include: community cleanups, environmental sustainability, ushering at the Lebanon Opera House, and more!

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Clubs & Repeating Events

Clubs and repeating events are typically organized by the Events Chair & Committee, but they can come from anyone in UVYP leadership.

Past clubs/repeating events include: ice skating club, yoga, game night, short story club, trivia…more to come!

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Workshops & Classes

Starting in 2023, the Events Chair & Committee (with the assistance of other UVYP leaders) will be offering one-off workshops and classes. These events will be similar to our social events, but with a learning component to help UVYP members enhance their financial, civic, and creative lives. We will be testing out these events by organizing about 1 per month.

Examples of potential workshops & classes: path to homeownership workshop, art class, music class, cooking class, improv workshop, advocacy & civic engagement workshop, sustainable living workshop, and more to come!

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Questions? Feedback? Event ideas? Contact us at uppervalleyyoungprofessionals@gmail.com.

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