As young professionals we know that networking is important, not just to make new business contacts but also to make new social connections. While many believe that one of the best attributes of the Upper Valley is its rural nature, this can also make it difficult for young people to connect. Unlike living near a big city center, many young professionals work and live in physically distant locations, altogether unique to other residents. That’s why Upper Valley Young Professionals feels it is important to centralize the Upper Valley community by hosting Meet & Greet social events each month. For each of these gatherings we partner with a different local business that will foster social interaction between members. We enjoy supporting local businesses, in both New Hampshire and Vermont, while providing a forum for young professionals to connect with those that they normally wouldn’t cross paths with where they live or work. In this way, our community fabric is strengthened beyond what normally would exist during the course of daily interactions. Whether you are a newcomer to the area, or a lifelong resident this can be an invaluable opportunity to make new connections with your fellow community members.

Whether you are interested in expanding your business or social network, or just want an excuse to go out after work, please visit us at our next event! You can see upcoming Networking events on our events page and see all events, future and past, on our Facebook Event page.